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Karan Public School, Panipat is an English medium, co-educational school with science, non-medical, commerce and arts stream. The school maintains high standards in academics and excels in giving excellent results. Students at Karan Public School are motivated to learn new things daily which will help them in future to become the leaders of tomorrow. Studies and games are given equal value helping students to become physically and mentally strong.

From President's Desk

This is universal truth that schools are the places where suture of the nation is shaped and developed. Education plays a vital role in the creation of the good society and shaping of civilization each child has his own existence and individually which can be recognised only if the children are blessed with freedom to express themselves and reveal their talent. It can be interpreted that over does of freedom may spoil the children.But the truth is that the freedom provided will help them bloom as well as make them wiser enough o stay within their limits. the only need is to show them the right path. the potential and capabilities of their children can be found out through literary ad cultural activities. It is matter of Pride that students of KARAN PUBLIC SCHOOL have a great talent and I wish them to shine in all walks of life and make their dream true.

Through our struggle we are leading a step ahead towards our destination.
- Mr. K.K Gupta

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